360º Projection Mapping for Seattle Creative Agency

  • DATE October 12th, 2018

  • LOCATION Fremont Foundry, Seattle, WA

  • CLIENT DNA Seattle

  • PROJECT TYPE 360º Projection Mapping

Creating spaces that leverage modern technology for incredible artistic experiences is what we crave providing.

When DNA Seattle approached Sensebellum about illuminating a room at the Fremont Foundry the appeal of a 360º projection mapping installation was quite attractive. This was going to be the 20th anniversary of the firm and the moment needed to reflect the tenured creative and wizened future forward look of the agency.



Part of our task was 3D modeling the room from scratch to develop a pixel perfect workflow for the content creation and projection mapping.

3D projection mapping takes advantage of the architecture and also the perspective of the viewer to create video that conforms so precisely to the space you think it is absolutely real. To achieve a truly seamless 360º visual experience our team developed a custom workflow involving precise real world measurements drafted into 3D virtual space.

A strong foundation in the understanding of the space for the content creation phase is essential to crafting moments of absolute visual disbelief. It’s what we enjoy doing.



Chapters. Epochs. Themes. Absolutely. Incredible.

What begins as ideas in the air land on pen and are then transformed into story boards, working pieces, signing off, next round, longer loops, 6k resolution, more sign offs, bigger segments, networked render machines, getting the perfect look - we’re basically having a blast mastering the technical parts of the production while your artistic vision comes into focus.

After months of planning the day arrived and with the help of the DNA Seattle team we transformed the space in a matter of hours from white blank canvas to a truly immersive artistic experience.

The final product was a 20 minute loop of 4 chapters pecisly fit the the space using our blend of in house projectors and software. The themes were: Optical Illusion Art, Aquarium, Sci-Fi Wireframe, Jungle.

It was an absolute joy to see the room a total hit throughout the night as guests were mesmerized by fish swimming all around them, black and white patterns oscillating from side to side, then palm fronds so fresh you can brush them.


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